NotePads+ Cracked 3.02

System Utilities / Thursday, July 5th, 2018
Developer: JSoft Consulting
Requirements: Windows 95/98/NT4
Limitation: Not available
Operation system: Windows 95/98/NT 4
Price: Paid
License: Purchase
Version: v3.02
Downloads: 4639
Rating: 4.7 / Views: 3855
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S/n: 345-014-101834Notpad 2.5:Â Â Â NAME: JUANDAÂ Â Â SERIAL: 284057038Â Â Â NAME: PC98Â Â Â SERIAL: 1336176218NOW Utilities: NUA-500-0001-005930092882Nova Backup v4.04 for Windows(95): 401W52003NovaDisk+: code1: 000000000000000 code2: 666668ZZZANovell DOS 7.0 Personal Netware v1.0: S6-004001-001Novell Netware v4.10: S18637297Novell Perfect Office Pro v3.0 for Windows: 1PP30XW0019293Novell Perfect Office v3.0 for Windows: 1P030XW00010110ZNovell Perfect Works v2.0 for Windows: 1WW20XW0020634Novell Personal Netware (5 users): 23660970NTcrt 1.0b6:Â Â Â name: tHATDUDE! Key: 3210199361Light chat v1.00 (7) : name: XXX key: 1914936602 or name: Who?

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Bbs: G.!.$ S/n: XA0NDRG5A8T2Mechwars v1.9g : sysop: Batman bbs: Gotham s/n: XA0N88P78WU7 or sysop: — bbs: — s/n: NN8A1HVD0UYBMechwars v1.9g (2) : sysop: XXX bbs: XXX s/n: CCHL5GQF88V2 or sysop: ??? S/n: GK989879016Giflink v2.01 (08) : name: *** s/n: GK665577302Giflink v2.01 (09) : name: ??? REGISTERKEY 45FE030440765C795C04602175Golden Bow Text Editor: 925613Golden ComPass for OS/2 (Press and hold C+A+S then hit R): RFB6409Golden Hawk CDROM Recording Tools 3.0e:   UserName: Killer+Bee   Company: Phrozen Crew   Number: 2846170205Goldmine for Windows: 10576345GoldMine v2.5a for Windows: 10576345, 10803999/5GoldMine v3.0 for Windows(95): 11428171950GoldWave v.3.24: First Name: MIRAMAX Last Name: THE_FORCE_TEAM Password: OVIOXLCGoldWave v3.03 for Windows:   first name: Me! Number is 6484, then your unlock code should be (6484 – 1234 = 5250) Netattach: name: MCA 96 Code: DXR5MAVCUZAPVVY NetAttache Pro v2.5e Name: TheBrabo S/n: CQQW5DV3BGII2T2 NetBar s/n: 76504404807540 (15 digits) NetAnswer s/n: N0810401A NetAccelerator Crack NetCents v1.00 Crack Net Connector v1.1 s/n: N142096 NetContact 5.4 Crack NetFerret Suite 1.11+ Crack Net-it NOW v1.5a uNLOCK cODE: UCF-1034861840 NetJet 1.1 Crack Net Manager v4.6 for Windows 95 : s/n: 34059131041712S3 Net.Medic 1.1 Crack NetMedic 1.2 build 28 Crack NetMedic Pro 1.2 s/n SCMC-00001047 Netmedic 1.2: SPMC-00263684 Netmedic Version:?

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S/n: 0082263134248005Deliverance 1.0: 51244-442657-100016Delrina CommSuite 95:   7020-2175-6499   7000-7166-2080Delrina CyberJack 7.0 (W95): 1321-2123-7176Delrina CyberJack 7.0: 7000-7166-2080Delrina Preform v1.0 for Windows: 2201-8201-1029Delrina Wincom PRO v1.1 for Windows: 37Z59JDelrina WinFax Pro 4.1: s/n: 1321-2123 Network User: 1152-7632-1646Delta Graph Pro v3.5 for Windows: MUU35-0827-3837184026Deluxe Property Manager: 52630Deluxe Roulette v1.2 & Deluxe Poker: password: !BhH*mDb96fQn11gDemo Maker v1.55 (edit DEMOMAKE.KEY):   line #1: 30-1123   line #2: 182220   line #3: Demo Maker v2.0:   s/n: 32-1123   key: 2412   s/n: 32-3333   key: 2622   s/n: 32-8710   key: 2999   s/n: 32-2500   key: 2789Demo Workshop: name: Okware s/n: 0AQ6M5RBRATPN8HN64K05IDeneba Canvas 3.0:   485110842   469748712   5035430458Deneba Canvas 5 Updater (from v3): W000-754710Deneba’s Canvas for Win: 450059719Depleter v2.2 for Windows:   name: TwinHead [uCF] !96    s/n: 46203   name: Registered User   s/n: 85971Design Estimator: 5055-2897DesignCAD 3D v8.0: 6504 0024 1945Designer CAD v5.0: 1005-1684-7282Designer CAD v7.0: 3502-0557-8148DesignExpress 1.14: nAME: //@cko cODE: ROBREKBDesignExpress Labels: name: Registered User s/n: QYOBYTKDesignView v3.01: 73010358DesignWorks 3.14: CVFC X9AF VA1J X5KA 95TLDeskbar: Name: brainski Company: RaGe Code: 12E1FE83-0123Desktop Deluxe 1.0: name: Phrozen Crew s/n: 7050Desktop Twister 32 v1.36: name: FANATIC ser#: WEKEMASADeskTop v4.0: 06412DESQView /X NetWork Manager v1.1:   111-V1-9007   201-V1-3102   300-V1-4507   102-V1-9061   000-V1-0009DesqView /X OSF/motif: 002-R1-1583DesqView /X v2.0:   754-X5X-14396   000-15X-011980   048-X5X-40638   323-X5X-63318   481-X5X-15929   498-X5X-93123   763-X5X-92958   783-X5X-58035   805-X5X-02266   995-X5X-07054DesqView 386 & QEMM 386: 001-32H-72414DesqView v2.34: 047-A74473DesqView v2.40 with QEMM v6.00: 111-XQ-9999DesqView v2.61 with QEMM 386 v7.02:   000-19T-83189   000-15X-011980   001-17H-72414   001-32H-72414   003-V1-3616   010-17F-95253DesqView v2.7 with QEMM 386 v7.5:   114-22H-28256   103-22H-90808   010-22H-28256DesqView/X Network Manager v1.1: 003-V1-3616DesqView/X v2.0: 000-15X-011980Dial Up Magic 1.3: name: Registered s/n: 1045930556Dial-Up Magic v1.0 for Windows 95: 09390915437Dial-Up Magic v1.3:   Name: romeo ’97   s/n: 0627902388 (single user license)   s/n: 0770613617 (site license)   s/n: 0945018866 (external license)Dictionary for Windows (German-English) v3.1 (32-bit):Name: //@cko Company: We!RdSoft Registration Number: WD3.1-20903-54934Dictionary for Windows95 version 3.1:   Name: ^oNe^ Company: FWX98   Product-Number: WD3.1-25739-64464Digi Grabber: 6776-3647-1143-4455DigiDay Clock v1.6: 6792DigiDay Clock v1.7.6 (32-bit): Serial Number: 1234567890 Registration Key: 1234574223Digimarc PictureMarc v1.51: 18-111111DigiPhone v1.01 for Windows 95:   1005902102952446   1006201153977119Digital Dead: xxnnn5nnxnnnnY (x=alphachar n=num.Char)Digital Input Noise Reduction DINR 1.0: yj9660mkk236Digital Jacket 1.0.12: 2385661789-TVM-01998-000000Digital Orchestrator Plus v2.11: DOP211-013776-953Digital Vision DSP 150: Name: Rizla Last Name: [leave blank] Password: 6497218724161871487126DigiTrax v1.0 to 1.2: ALS4312536 ALS4312135Dilbert Screen Saver: 5180-6344-1654Dilbert ScreenSaver Collection: 4556-3654-5640Dimensions 2.0:   DAW100R3100720-191   DAW200U3200000-109   DAW200U3200001-742Dinosaur v1.0 for Windows: A1-1758154924821-64Direct Tex Pro:   Beta Testers, None, T-1654327, 5257-100226-7817   Anonymous, None, T-1234567, 2431-808781-0806DirectNet 1.2+: name: Steve Hsu s/n: 19772-175382-2727-1324DirectNet v1.1: Name: //@cko Serial Number: 15264-135202-2697-1264Director 5.0:   DRM500-53375-57072-29379   DRM500-57179-17072-29377Director Academic v4.0 by Macromedia for Windows 95: DRW404-0429-1085-7007Director v4.0 by Macromedia for Windows:   DRW400-1895-9074-2077   DRW400-9811-4074-3073Directory Printer v1.7: 2618572Directory Sort 2.0 for Win95:   1) After installation, run the Directory Sorter program   2) Click on the About button   3) When the About Dialog is displayed type the three letters SMF   4) A registration dialog will be displayed   5) Enter the following information into the appropriate edit boxes       Registered Name: Gary Alguire       Registration Key: 486985536   6) Click on the OK button of the registration dialog box   7) You should get a thankyou message if you have entered the   information correctly   8) Your copy of Directory Sorter is now registered   9) If you make a mistake entering the three letter code then close the   about dialog by clicking on the OK button an repeat the process from   step 2 onwards.Directory Sorter 2.1:   name: teraphy   code: 242917541   name: pc97   code: 540629253Disc-At-Once v2.10: Name: ED!SON Company: [UCf/Xf] Serial: 601071078Disc-At-Once: company: [UCf/Xf] s/n: 601071078DiscPlay v3.2 for Windows 95/NT: DP3-1303 password: SPP-30-DP32A17DiscPlayer v2.00 for Windows 311/95/NT: password: V2.0REGEON   s/n: DP2-U123   s/n: DP2-U999   s/n: DP2-U676   s/n: DP2-U476   s/n: DP2-U757   s/n: DP2-U250   s/n: DP2-U235   s/n: DP2-U001   s/n: DP2-U987   s/n: DP2-U200Disk Accord v1.10(0.1): Name: Phrozen Crew Serial: 637453598Disk Cafe:   DC000444B52   DC000796A32Disk CleanUp v3.1: Name: SiLicon Surfer [PC] Code: 3858701120Disk CleanUp v3.1: Name: SiLicon Surfer [PC] Code: 3858701120Disk Express II:   JV103761 JE103744 JI103774 JV103735   JX103737 JX103763 JY103738 JZ103739Disk Image: 25XXXDisk Management System v6.10: 64232312, 64242412Disk Manager Mac: 190915Disk Manager v6.03.05 Maxtor HD: 18002629867Disk Optimizer v1.01 for Windows: 11111111DiskAccess for Windows: name: Intergraph Evaluation Software s/n: Egymaq43003051DiskaRella v1.12: Company: WARP1997RELEASING RegKey: 21375ILDisk-At-Once v2.1o: name: ED!SON ’96 company: [UCf/Xf] s/n: 601071078DiskCopy Fast v4.90 (Put these lines in your config.Dcf):   line #1: $REGISTER   line #2: XXX! 1.01 s/n: ksofd98764FontFinder/32 v2.0.3 Name : romeo montaque s/n : 277-14958FontFinder 32, v.2.0.3 Name: Miramax Code: 277-7844FontFinder 32 v2.0.3 name: MCVD s/n : 277-5711FontFinder 32 v2.0.3 name: MCVD s/n : 277-5711Font Finder V3.0 Name: DrRhui CORE Code: 277-9717FontFinder32 Name:Blackflag No.:277-9290FontFinder 32 3.15 n: Cobra oneninenineeight s: 598f-14893723FontFolder Lite +v2.0 for OS/2 : s/n: 1001586Font FX 1.1: 388-56-52962FontFX 2.0 S/N: 933-04-13530FontLook 3.1 Code: 5447213FontLook v3.0 Registration Code: 5447213FontMagik version 1.0 Serial : J230373HaFont Man: name: Steve Hsu s/n: FCD 51120Fontographer 4.0 (mac) : Key:FM5104l3823gc527 Serial:1104008FontoGrapher v4.1 for Windows : s/n: 65241-0499-0166-21702FontLook v3.1 Registration Code :- 5447213Font Monster 3.5 : Name : BETA TESTER Reg: 16983FontShow for Win95/NT 2.7 Name: tKC Organization: PC ’98 Code: 4195257489 Name: The Keyboard Caper Organization: Phrozen Crew ’98 Code:0119080765 Name: tKC/PC ’98 Code: 4200196664Font Viewer 1.0: Serial: PBG0213 Name: STARDOGG [PC]Fonty 98 v2.01 Firma : privat Nachname : [AnThraX] Vorname : Sonixx Strasse/Nr: Santa Monica PLZ : 2000 Ort : Earth Land : Deutschland Code: 160847889FOTOWIN v.2.3 of RTE (french version) : F31GIA04-X20HIF5GForm Publisher v1.21 for Windows : s/n: FPW71211289Form Z 2.6.1 (mac) : PPC Z-0100-0014011Forms Plus V2.0 Code: 21879817-3467768Formtool Gold for Windows : 374C1FormTools Gold v2.0 for Windows : s/n: 31291134FormTools Gold v3.0 for Windows : s/n: FPF173263Formula Graphics Multimedia System release, 971001 CrackForte Agent 32 : WD6VZ3HP-WGS8Z494-DLKVF5AY-GN1RZ6T2-2LTWGRWS-ZMT92YH3Forte Agent v.99f release (32-bit, WIN 95) : WHGW8335-GLVH8SBR-8E5XR2MD-WZ5BUJU5-7TBYFNSWForte’s Agent 99.F 32 or 16 bit : JYJ13VTV-6HXSBZFE-VFG2EKKWFour Seasons v1.12 Win95/NT Name: PEIDO98 s/n: 6865135FotoTouch v2.1 : s/n: SCAL028482-F210Fouriersynthese 2.0 s: 11QH-TFP-K3CSMY s: 11QH-TFP-K3CSMYFour Winds v. S/n for News: NUYOU!000000Ws/n for Gopher: GUYOU!000000P   s/n for FTP: FUYOU!000000Os/n for FTPD: SUYOU!000000BNeoPaint 3.2: s/n: 1996000AJLOHOT (name: [TWH/UCF])NeoPaint v1.1: 1312649GQISPSVNeoPaint v2.0:   1376520GQOWOQM   2014476HNIUNVS   2282436HPPSNRS   2445060HRLVJUM   3275076IPOVJVS   6181452LOPRNTO   6604908LTHUSOU   8250129NPMQKQV   95949300SQUSRM   9876543OVOWASP   2233445HPKTNSRNeoPaint v2.1:   2039485HNKZNWR   4391302JQQRMOO   4811123JVIRKQP   4711081JUIRJWN   7753889MUMTRWV   2229768HPJZQUU   7479276MROZLVS   6886464LVPWHNQ   6607812LTHXPRO   8815908NVIVSOUNeoPaint v3.0 and v3.1: 47110815LMPJVQNeoPaint v3.1f:   47110815LMPJVQ   7753889AHULQWJNeoPaint v3.2: s/n: 1996000AJLOHOT name: [TWH/UCF]NeoPhantom ScreenSaver v1.3a: 4711081WIRJUUNNeoShow Pro 2.6f:   9872986USZOWSH   7654321CQMUMSX   1957168KVMRXUJNeoshow Pro v1.0: 0123456THTJNQNNeoshow Pro v2.0: 2115868RUJISNVNeoshow Pro v2.5: 4711081WUIJTRCNeoShow Pro v2.7:   1943920BLRTQVS   1957168KVMRXUJ   2046454TNWSFML   3774352MDOUTTT   4623880TRUSWJB   4688188JSPKUYW   4711081WUIJTRC   6310240SIWBLPQ   7654321CQMUMSX   9872986USZOWSHNeosoft Phantom Screensaver v1.2b: 4711081WIRJUUNNet Note v2.5a: User: escom Company: core Key: SlicenceNet Pal v1.1d: Name: romeo ’97 s/n: 107537Net Road HTML Browser: name: Steve Hsu s/n: 02641708-3709Netattach: name: MCA 96 Code: DXR5MAVCUZAPVVYNetBar: 176504404807540Netcom Netcruiser v1.0 Internet: 91629NetDial: s/n: 33413953 name: NetHelper 1.0: name: FANATIC’98 ser#: 85674Net-It Now! And P (blacklist suxx)   ser#: X6XYKY-V63B3F-5CHYQ8-VJHB7U   name: Hi Bleetz, i saw u in the blacklist   ser#: HLTFNU-HFVZHU-3LVMAM-QBDY72   name: Version gratuite   ser#: TF9BDU-V4NFQU-AFN6VB-5ZQ2DJ   name: Freeware Version   ser#: TM96EF-96TF9B-DFKCEZ-XW7R5L WebExpress 2.0: name: Saltine [PC] key: BCPTFADWeb-Express v2.0: RegName = ACP//UCF2000 RegNum = WVKYUVBWebGraphics Optimizer 1.1:   name: 0fa company: FANATIC’98 city: FANCITY   code: WP1-779-724-827-543-0587-0587-810WebGraphics Optimizer V1.0:   Name: DrRhui   Company: CORE   City:    Key: WP1-122-184-842-475-7922-8765-799WebGraphics Optimizer v1.0b:   Name:   Underworld   Company:   Syntonic   City:   Syntonic   Code:   WP1-594-069-500-149-3108-3108-781WebImage 2.11: name: darlong s/n: akwx39WebImage ’95: name: tHATDUDE!