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This concept is based on the finding that the efficiency of the time warp (in terms of reducing the bitrate) can be measured (or at least estimated) on the basis of a time warped (or a non-uniformly resampled) time domain signal. In order to obtain an appropriate time warping, it is desirable to have an information available at the decoder which allows for an adjustment of the decoder-sided time warping.As it is typically required to transfer such an information from the audio signal encoder to the audio signal decoder, it is desirable to keep a bit rate required for this transmission small while still allowing for a reliable reconstruction of the required time warp information at the decoder side.In view of the above discussion, there is a desire to create a concept which allows for a bitrate efficient application of the time warp concept in an audio encoder.

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5a is illustrated as performing the quantization of frequency domain values, the quantizer can also be used for quantizing time domain values in an alternative embodiment, in which the noise filling is performed in the time domain rather than the frequency domain.The noise filling analyzer 524 is implemented as a noise filling calculator for estimating a noise filling measure of an energy of audio values quantized to zero for a time frame of the audio signal by the quantizer 512. Basically, when the sampling rate, i.E., The average sampling rate fsR decreases with respect to the non-time-warped ease, lines have to The bandwidth resulting by the number of lines NN and the sampling rate fN preferably The actual adding of lines with respect to a set number of lines or a deletion of lines with respect to the set number of lines can be performed before quantizing the lines, i.E., At the Furthermore, it is preferred to bring the bandwidth variations to a minimum level and to even eliminate the bandwidth variations, but, in other implementations, even a reduction of bandwidth variations by determining the number of lines depending on the time warping characteristic even increases the audio quality and decreases the required bit rate compared 5 to a situation, where a constant number of lines is applied irrespective of a certain time warp characteristic.Although some aspects have been described in the context of an apparatus, it is clear that these aspects also represent a description of the corresponding method, where a block or 10 device corresponds to a method step or a feature of a method step.

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10b illustrates a plot indicating how many lines have to be added or discarded depending on the local sampling frequency, where the sampling frequency fN for the unwarped case together the number of lines NN for the non-time-warped case defines the intended bandwidth, which should be kept constant as much as possible for a sequence of Fig. Some people have suggested that, while less enhanced than the Arturia 2600V, TimewARP 2600 ‘s sound is closer to that of the original ARP.

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ARP later replaced this with the ARP 3620, a sophisticated duophonic unit that provided single- and multi-triggering plus a flexible triple-output LFO with delay. Since the time warp analyzer 516 is implemented to always look for a pitch contour, and since the presence of a pitch contour indicates a harmonic structure of the signal, the signal analyzer 600 in Fig. To the far left of the panel lie the Ring Modulator and the external signal input modules — a Preamplifier and an Envelope Follower.

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Absolute or relative time warp contour information) 286.The audio signal encoder 200 further comprises a switching mechanism, for example in the 10 form of a controlled switch 240, to decide whether the found time warp contour information 286 or a standard time warp contour information 288 is used for further processing. The audio signal encoder 200 comprises a time warp transformer 220, which is configured to receive the input audio signal 210 (which may be represented in a time domain) and to provide, on the basis thereof, a time warp transformed spectral representation 222 of the input audio signal 210.5 The audio signal encoder 200 further comprises a time warp analyzer 284, which is configured to analyze the input audio signal 210 and to provide, on the basis thereof, a time warp contour information (e.G. February 2, 2018 6:30 pm – 7:30 pm Friday Night Magic at Time Warp Comics Entry is $15.00 February 7, 2018 N/A February 7, 2018 7:00 pm Join our weekly Heroclix game! The time warp analyzer output 518 is connected to at least one and preferably more than one functionalities in the IS group of functionalities comprising the window function controller 504, the time warper 506, the TNSstage 510, the quantizer and coder 512 and an output interface 522.Analogously, an output 521 of the signal classifier 520 can be connected to one or more of the functionalities of a group of functionalities comprising the window function controller 504, the TNS stage 510, a noise filling analyzer 524 or the output interface 522.